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  • Lesson 20 Spanish Grammar Imperative
  • Spanish Immersion Granada 4
  • Lesson 24 Spanish Grammar Imperfect
  • Spanish-Immersion-Barcelona-6
  • Lesson 36 Spanish Grammar Conditional
  • Spanish Immersion Bilbao 2
  • Lesson 19 Spanish Grammar por vs para
  • Spanish Immersion Madrid 7

Real Spanish.

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Fun Travel.

Why Happy Hour?

1 Hour Lessons

Each of our lessons take about 1 ‘happy’ hour

Fun & Casual

Video-based lessons let you explore Spanish cities and learn grammar through animated videos

Happy Hour Meetups

We’re building a Happy Hour community in different cities to speak Spanish together

Our online video library contains
more than 80 videos

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Happy Hour Spanish is more than just an online Spanish course.
We also have additional resources like:

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