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Learn Spanish 1 ‘happy’ hour at a time

Created by a teacher and student, Happy Hour Spanish is an online program utilizing original video content to give you a real Spanish immersion experience.

Why Happy Hour?

  • Lessons take about 1 hour each
  • Our travel videos are two friends exploring Spain, and stopping to and enjoy a Happy Hour in every city
  • We have created ‘Happy Hour’ meetups where you can have a drink and speak Spanish in different cities


Our online course incorporates the fundamentals you need to learn Spanish:

  • Grammar Lessons
  • Ear Training
  • Practice
  • Spanish Culture



  • 5 minute video
  • fully animated
  • covers 1 essential grammar concept
  • in 100% Spanish
  • includes exercises & answer keys


  • 5 minute video
  • shot in Spain
  • Incorporates prior grammar lesson in use
  • in 100% Spanish w/Spanish subtitles
  • Includes Spanish-to-English transript / translations

Our video library contains
more than 80 videos


The first 10 videos of our series are called Survival Spanish, and they are designed for true beginners who are just starting to learn Spanish.  We start with the very basics, like learning greetings, numbers, colors, and basic verb conjugation.  Perfect for people who are just getting started, need a refresher from their high-school Spanish, or are planning on traveling to a foreign country!

What our students say …

  • It really works! After a few listens through of each video I can really start to hear the words and get the meaning. The transcriptions are great as it helps me check up new words and see the tenses.

    HHS Student

Start Learning Today!

  • 1$ Trial
    $1for one day of full access
    • Complete 1-day access to:
    • Survival Spanish
    • All 40 grammar videos
    • All 40 travel videos
    • exercises w/answer keys
    • Spanish-to-English transcripts
  • 1 month
    • Complete access to:
    • Survival Spanish
    • All 40 grammar videos
    • All 40 travel videos
    • exercises w/answer keys
    • Spanish-to-English transcripts
    • Access to student forums
    • All additional materials
    • Optional Skype lessons


Happy Hour Spanish is more than just an online Spanish course.
We also have additional resources like:

Have a questions?
Ask our teachers and other students in our student forum. Each lesson has it’s own forum.

FREE w/ subscription

Skype + Course
Add a monthly 45-minute Skype conversation with a native speaker.

Coming soon!
If interested now, contact us 😉

Join a Group
Meet other students and native speakers in your town. Our meetup groups are 100% Spanish immersion.



After becoming fast friends, we decided to embark on creating the ultimate language learning program based on our unique experience in both teaching and learning foreign languages. We have designed Happy Hour Spanish as a program that teaches Spanish grammar while also giving you an immersion-style experience of Spanish culture and the Spanish lifestyle. Follow along with us on our video tours throughout Spain and enjoy all the sights and sounds the Iberian Peninsula has to offer while feeling what it is like to be immersed in a foreign language.

The 1$ Trial

Obviously we think Happy Hour Spanish is the best way to learn Spanish, but we’ll admit we’re a little biased.  That’s why we offer a 1$ trial which gives you access to all our material for 24 hours.

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