Learn Spanish in Madrid!

Explore Spain while learning Spanish with our latest videocast from Madrid, Spain.  We will explore the popular monuments and the Royal Palace of Madrid. Vamos!

Learning Technique: Use the subtitles and English translations provided to improve your Spanish.

1. Watch the videocast once using only the subtitles.

2. Then, check the English translation for any words you didn’t understand.

3. Watch the videocast again to solidify your learning.

4. Repeat as necessary


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Madrid es la capital de España y la ciudad más grande y poblada del país con unos tres millones doscientos mil (3.200.000) habitantes.

Es una ciudad moderna y cosmopolita y estamos seguras de que no va a dejarnos indiferentes.

M: Acabamos de llegar a Madrid, capital de España.  Estamos en plena Gran Vía y vamos a ver cuáles son las maravillas de la ciudad. ………………………

H: Si, me encanta esta ciudad.

Llegamos después a la Gran Vía, una gran avenida que atraviesa la ciudad y que es también conocida como el “Broadway madrileño” porque hay numerosos y grandes teatros en los que se representan infinidad de musicales.

H: Este es el Palacio Real

El Palacio Real de Madrid, es la residencia oficial del Rey de España, pero en realidad se usa sólo en las ceremonias de Estado.

Las obras del edificio actual se hicieron entre mil setecientos treinta y ocho y mil setecientos cincuenta y cinco (1738-1755). …………………………………….

Este templo es un regalo que Egipto hizo a España en mil novecientos sesenta y ocho (1968).

En la época de verano, son varios los conciertos y espectáculos que se organizan en la zona.

M: Desde el Templo de Debod, con este concierto a nuestra espalda nos despedimos y vamos a Happy Hour (Spanish)

H: ¡Es tiempo!

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Madrid is the capital of Spain and the biggest and most populated city of the country with some three million two-hundred thousand (3,200,000) inhabitants.

It is a city modern and cosmopolitan and we are sure that it is not going to leave us indifferent.

M: We just arrived to Madrid, capital of Spain.  We are in the middle of Gran Vía and we are going to see which are the marvels (wonders) of the city.

H: Yes, I love this city.

We arrive after to the “Big Way”, a big avenue that crosses the city and is also known as the “Broadway of Madrid” because there are numerous and big theater which represent infinite musicals. …………………………………………….

H: This is the “Royal Palace”

The “Royal Palace” of Madrid, is the official residence of the King of Spain but in reality it is used only in ceremonies of State.

The current building works (construction) was done between one-thousand seven-hundred and thirty-eight and one-thousand seven-hundred fifty-five (1738-1755).

This temple is a gift that Egypt made to Spain in one-thousand nine-hundred sixty-eight (1968).

In the summer season, there are various the concerts and shows that they organize in the area.

M: From the Temple of Debod, with this concert at our backs we say goodbye and we are going to Happy Hour (Spanish)

H: It’s time!

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Happy Hour Spanish
Happy Hour Spanish
Hayley & Maider are co-founders of Happy Hour Spanish, an online Spanish Program utilizing original video content and local meetups for a true Spanish immersion experience. Together they speak English, Spanish, French, and Italian and have a passion for teaching and learning languages.
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