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Spanish for Travelers

New!! Spanish for Travelers Online Speaking Course

We have limited spaces available for a first-ever Spanish for Travelers course.  We’re teaming up with Island Immersion to offer a 6-week course to learn Spanish for your next trip – and it includes a free year of Happy Hour Spanish!




Spanish immersion works especially well when you can include our key features:  learning in context, word-for-word subtitles, Spanish transcripts and English translations.


Travel with us across the Spanish countryside, from Madrid to Granada, Barcelona and Bilbao. We’ll take you through the towns and we’ll do it all in Spanish.


40 Key Grammar Lessons

There’s a small number of essential grammar lessons to learn for conversational fluency. We’ve distilled them into single-concept, animated video lessons, and all the practice you need to master the essentials.

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Cheater's Guide Beginner Spanish
common Spanish Words


Maider Hayley Happy Hour Spanish 4

We’re Maider and Hayley – a Spanish teacher from Spain and her American student – and we’d like to invite you on a fun video immersion learning journey through Spain with us. We’ll order tapas … talk to locals… and stroll through the streets of Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada.

¡Vamos con nosotras!

– Maider y Hayley
Happy Hour Spanish co-founders

What our Students Say

  • "It really works! After a few listens through of each video I can really start to hear the words and get the meaning. The transcriptions are great as it helps me check up new words and see the tenses."

    Angela L. Los Angeles, CA
  • " I loved learning with Happy Hour Spanish, it is such a good format, and I really enjoyed the themes of travel and Spanish culture.”  

    Donovan N. San Antonio, TX
  • "I have been learning intensively by myself for about 18 months now. What I realize is that my poorest skill is my ability to listen to real spoken Spanish, so these lessons are fabulous practice.”

    Geoff B. Birmingham, UK

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Not just another language app that doesn’t work.
Designed by an actual teacher and student who learned Spanish the immersion way


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  • 40 Grammar Immersion Videos
  • 40 Travel Immersion Videos
  • 40 Immersion Podcasts
  • 40 PDF Exercises
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