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Narcos Advanced Spanish Practice

Learning Spanish through TV shows.  Narcos is a Netflix Original series about the famous Colombian drug cartel and Pablo Escabar. However, the man who plays Pablo Escabar is actually Brazilian!

The show is in about 65% Spanish and the rest English. It’s a regular TV series, so the Spanish you hear will be for advanced Spanish practice. One thing to note is since it takes place in Colombia, you will hear the use of the voseo conjugation. There is also use of a lot of slang, and perhaps not surprisingly, bad words.

If you’re watching in Netflix, you can set the subtitles to be in either English or Spanish. Spanish audio with Spanish subtitles is best for ear training, but it depends on your level of comprehension, if you can follow along or not.  Or, if you have the time, you can watch once in English, once in Spanish.

Below are several dialogs we clipped from the series to give you a taste of the Spanish you’ll hear, complete with a transcript and translations, which is one of the best ways to learn Spanish.

First let’s start with some vocabulary you can recognize in the dialogs below:


Narcos Vocabulario

negocio – business
plata – money (literal: silver)
deuda – debt
guerra – war
plomo – lead

jueces – judges
derramada – spilt
pertenecer – to belong
enviudar – to be widowed
mentiroso – liar
traicionar – to betray

Narcos Spanish Practice

Episode 1 – Descenso  (@12:30)

Dialog 1

Les voy a decir quién soy
Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
Mis ojos están en todos lados
o sea ustedes no pueden hacer una puta sola mierda en el departamento de Antioquia que yo me entere.
Sí, señores. No pueden mover un dedo.
Un día, yo voy a ser presidente de la República de Colombia.
Y bien, me gano la vida haciendo negocios. Así que pues, fresco.
Tranquilo. Uds pueden aceptar mi negocio o aceptar las consecuencias.
o pomo
Ustedes eligen

I’m going to tell you who I am
I am Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
My eyes are everywhere
or that is you can not make a fu**ing single sh*t in the department of Antioquia
without me finding out
Yes sirs. You all can not move a finger.
One day, I’m going to be president of the Republic of Colombia.
Well, I make a living doing business. So, chill.
Stay calm. You all can either accept my business or accept the consequences.
Money (silver)
or lead
You choose

Episode 5 – There will be a Future  (@ min 8:00)

Dialog 2

– El problema no es la comida, el problema es Noriega. La primera oportunidad que tenga, nos vende a los gringos
-Ustedes quédense tranquilos. Apenas cerremos el acuerdo con el gobierno, todos para la tierrita.
-Paga la deuda externa colombiana para que nos den la amnistía?
Prefiero irme a vivir en España
-Bueno, yo digo que volvamos y les demos plomo
-No, señor. Nada de eso. La guerra es mala para los negocios. Vamos a negociar con ellos. Así lo arreglamos con Pablo
– A ver, Gustavo. Nada de esto habría pasado si Pablo no se pone a matar políticos y jueces.
– Y entonces qué hacemos, a ver? Decime. Querrás que nos sentemos a llorar sobre la leche derramada o qué?
-Vos sapés una cosa, Pablo? Yo a veces pienso que vos mataste a todos esos hombres porque no te dejaron pertenecer a su club.
-Más le vale que cuide esa jeta, cabrón

-The problem is not the food, the problem is Noriega. The first opportunity he has, he sells us to the gringos

-You guys stay calm. As soon as we close the agreement with the government, everything for the land.
-Pay the Colombian foreign debt so that they can give us the amnesty? I prefer to go to live in Spain
-Well, I say let’s go back and give them lead
-No sir. Nothing of that. War is bad for business. Let’s negotiate with them. That’s what we arranged with Pablo.
– Look, Gustavo. None of this would have happened if Pablo doesn’t get to (didn’t) kill politicians and judges.
– And so what do we do, ? Tell me. Will you want us to sit and cry over spilled milk or what?
-You know something, Pablo? Sometimes I think that you killed all those men because they didn’t let you belong to (in) their club.
-You better watch that mug of yours, a**hole.

Episode 6 – Explosivos  (@ 27:00)

Dialog 3

¿Que anda mi amor?
¿Qué está haciendo?
Estoy casada señor
Tranquila, que yo la hago enviudar rapidito
¡No me toque!, ¡no me toque!
¡Freddy déjala! Ven para aquí.
¿Qué pasó?
El Bloque de Busqueda está acá, no está en Medellín
Pero Navegante dijo que estaban allá
Navegante es un mentiroso
Él no te traicionaría
Freddy, piensa, piensa
todo el mundo tiene su precio
¡Listo! ¡Vámanos!
¿Quieren guerra? ¡Les darnos guerra!

What’s going on my love?
What are you doing?
I am married, sir
Don’t worry, I can ‘widow’ you pretty quick
Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!
Freddy leave her alone! Come here.
What’s up?
The Search Bloc is here, not in Medellín
But Navegante said that they were there
Navegante is a liar
He wouldn’t betray you
Freddy, think, think
Everyone has their price
Ready, let’s go!
They want war, we’ll give them war!


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