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450 million people around the world speak Spanish?  The majority of Spanish speakers are located across 25 different countries, with the largest numbers found in the Americas and Spain.  One of the great things about learning a second language is getting to know people you otherwise may have never met.  Speaking their native language gives you a window into another persons culture and a starting off point for getting to know each other better. That’s 450 million more people you can get to know just by learning Spanish! !

Check out the table below to see the figures by country.

Total 458 Million
Country Spanish speakers
Mexico 112,336,538
Spain 46,987,819
Colombia 46,952,875
Argentina 40,900,496
United States 35,468,501
Peru 29,797,694
Venezuela 29,210,000
Chile 17,248,450
Ecuador 14,170,000
Cuba 11,268,000
Guatemala 11,204,000
Bolivia 10,426,154
Dominican Republic 10,090,000
Honduras 7,876,197
El Salvador 6,857,000
Paraguay 6,127,000
Nicaragua 5,603,000
Costa Rica 4,468,000
Puerto Rico 3,991,000
Panama 3,343,000
Uruguay 3,340,000
Equatorial Guinea 507,000
Philippines 439,000
Western Sahara 430.000
Belize 180,000


* Data sourced from Wikipedia ; Map created with Gunn Map


In case you need more convincing, here are 5 more reasons to consider learning Spanish:


1. Spanish is actually the second most commonly spoken language in the world, behind Chinese and ahead of English

2. The proportion of Spanish Speakers is expected to increase over the next decades while Chinese and English are expected to decrease

3. In 3 or 4 generations time 10% of the world will understand Spanish

4. By 2050 the U.S. is expected to be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world

5. Learning Spanish is a rewarding personal accomplishment!

Spanish language statistics sourced from Instituto Cervantes Report


So don’t waste anymore time!  Start working on your Spanish today and getting know a few of the 450 million speakers around the world!



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