7 Phrases for Being in Love in Spanish

Being in Love in Spanish

The Spanish culture is known as one of the world’s most romantic nationalities. And we’re sticking with the love theme since it’s still February ;). So here are some of the top Spanish phrases you can use to talk about being in love.

Be sure to keep some of these phrases in your back pocket to use on your Spanish-speaking loved one 😉


Me vuelves loco

You drive me crazy
Vuelves is the present tense conjugation of the verb volver, which typically means ‘to return’, ‘to turn’, or ‘turn around’. When used in this expression the English equivalent is ‘to drive you crazy’


Me estoy enamorado de …

I am in love with …
The verb enamorar means to fall in love or to become enamored.
Enamorarse, is the reflexive version, used when you’re talking about yourself or someone else falling in love.

Yo me enamoro de tí = I am in love with you
Yo me estoy enamorando de tí = I am falling in love with you
te estás enamorando = You are falling in love
Él se está enamorando = He is falling in love

To say your in love with someone or something, make sure to include the preposition de:
Estoy enamorado de ti = I am in love with you

Enamorado can also be a noun, meaning lover, as in:
Ella es una enamorada de musica = She is a music lover



Love at first site/Lovestruck
Flecha in Spanish means arrow. When you add the suffix ‘azo‘ to any word in Spanish it often serves to augment the word. For example perro (dog) becomes perrazo to mean big dog and conversely perrito to mean little dog (see diminutives in Spanish). In the case of flechazo, the ‘azo‘ doesn’t actually come to mean big arrow, but instead means to be hit by the object – in this case, an arrow. Sentí un flechazo = I felt an arrow hit. In a similar fashion, martilla (hammer) becomes martillazo = to be hit with a hammer (oh no!).

You can also stick with the more classic version, amor a primera vista – but seems a little boring relative to flechazo, no? 😉


Eres mi alma gemela

You are my soul mate
In Spain they have the concept of soul mates, but the translation is a little more nuanced since gemela actually means twin. So the more literal translation would be ‘you are my soul twin’.


Bésame / dame un beso

Kiss me / Give me a kiss
Maybe you’re familiar with the song Besame? Besame comes from the verb besar, which means to kiss. Besame is the imperative, as is ‘dame un beso‘ which means ‘give me a kiss’.


Te quiero / Te amo

I love you
Sometimes there’s confusion about the difference between te quiero and te amo. Te quiero literally means I want you, while te amo comes from the verb amar which means to love. Officially, te quiero is used more generally (with friends and family) and te amo for more romantic scenarios. However, in Spain in particular, you can use te quiero for both.


Eres mi media naranja

You are my half orange (other half)
This is one of our favorite expressions in Spanish! Not that the Spaniards have a special relationship with oranges, but clearly in this case, both halves of the orange must go together. So, if you are someone’s media naranja, you are the other half of their orange – qué mono (how cute)! 😉



Here are a few extra expressions you should recognize:

Eres el amor de mi vida
 – You are the love of my life
Mi primer amor – My first love
El amor es ciego – Love is blind


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