1 Hour Lessons

Each of our lessons take about 1 ‘happy’ hour

Fun & Casual

Video-based lessons let you explore Spanish cities and learn grammar through animated videos

Happy Hour Meetups

We’re building a Happy Hour community in different cities to speak Spanish together


We met in Spain!
Maider is a Spanish teacher in Spain, and Hayley was her student when traveling abroad to learn Spanish 🙂

Maider Happy Hour Spanish
MaiderSpanish Teacher
Hayley Happy Hour Spanish
HayleySpanish Student

After becoming fast friends in Spain, we decided to embark on creating the ultimate language learning program based on our unique experiences as both teachers and students of foreign languages.

We have designed Happy Hour Spanish as a program that teaches only the essential Spanish grammar while giving you the all important immersion-style experience of Spanish culture and the Spanish lifestyle.

Join us on our video tours throughout Spain and enjoy all the sights and sounds the Iberian Peninsula has to offer while feeling what it is like to be immersed in a foreign language and culture.

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