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Join us for a trip to Barcelona’s La Boquería. Located on the well known street of La Rambla in the heart of Barcelona, La Boquería is the place to go to find fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, candy, and much more. Join us for a tour!


Learning Technique:

1. Watch the videocast while following along with the Spanish subtitles.

2. Check the English translation to ensure you understand the content of the videodcast.  Use the Spanish and English side-by-side comparison to learn specific vocabulary you are not familiar with.

3. Do the exercise for your appropriate level.

4. Listen again to the videocast.  See if your word recognition and understanding improved from the first listen.


H: Buenas…

M: Hola

H: Estamos aquí en la Boquería…

M: Estamos en la entrada de La Boquería, un antiguo mercado decorado en estilo modernista. Y aquí podéis encontrar comidas de muchas partes del mundo que quizá no encontréis en otros mercados de Barcelona. Y vamos a visitarlo a ver qué es lo que encontramos y a ver si compramos algo… No sabemos…

H: ¿Si, por qué no?

M: ¿Por qué no? Una pata de jamón, una anchoa, mejillones, calamares … un pulpo … no sabemos, vamos a verlo.

H: Pulpo quizá no

M: Pulpo quizá no

H: Vale




H: Well…

M: Hello

H: Here we are at the Boqueria…

M: We are at the entrance of the Boqueria, an old market decorated in a modern style.  And here you can find foods from many parts of the world that maybe you won’t find in other markets in Barcelona.  And we are going to visit it to see what it is that we find and to see if we buy something. We don’t know …


H: Yes, why not?

M: Why not? A leg of ham, an anchovy, mussels, squid … an octopus… We don’t know, we’ll see

H: Octopus, maybe not

M: Octopus, maybe not

H: Ok




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