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The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (video in Spanish)

Join us for a look at Bilbao’s biggest tourist attraction – the Guggenheim Museum- designed by architect Frank Gehry. We’ll also introduce you to “puppy” and “the spider”. Follow along with us in 100% Spanish.

About this video: This is a clip from our subscription Online Spanish Course where we bring you with us in our travels throughout Spain, including 10 videos in Bilbao, all while speaking in 100% Spanish.  Find out more about the course here.


Learning Technique:

1. Watch the videocast while following along with the Spanish subtitles.

2. Check the English translation to ensure you understand the content of the videodcast.  Use the Spanish and English side-by-side comparison to learn specific vocabulary you are not familiar with.

3. Listen again to the videocast.  See if your word recognition and understanding improved from the first listen.

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Transcript & English Translation

Spanish & English

H: Y vamos a empezar hoy con Guggenheim

M: ¿Qué sabes sobre el Museo Guggenheim?

H: No mucho

M: Es una de las cosas más conocidas de Bilbao. Está diseñado por el arquitecto Frank Gehry. Es un museo de arte contemporáneo. En el interior tiene una exposición permanente y otras exposiciones temporales que van cambiando cada mes

M: Es muy muy particular la construcción de fuera

H: Si, muy interesante, me encanta

M: Está hecho con láminas de acero. Y hay una cosa, si hay una cosa muy curiosa en la construcción… ¿Sabes qué?

M: Que ninguno de los paneles que conforma el Museo, ninguno, ninguno tiene la misma medida que los otros

M: Y … bueno … es una de las obras que más turismo atrae a Bilbao. Vienen muchos visitantes, muchos turistas cada año para visitar este Museo

H: Si … y es impresionante

M: Hayley, ¿Qué tenemos allí?

H: ¡Puppy!

M: ¡Si!, ¿Qué es “Puppy”?

H: Es un perro … no sé, un “puppy”, un perro de flores

M: Si, es la mascota del Museo que en esta época del año está llena de flores y de colores

H: Es perfecto

H: And today we are going to start with Guggenheim

M: What do you know about the Guggenheim Museum?

H: Not much

M: It is one of the most known things in Bilbao. It is designed by the architect Frank Gehry. It is a contemporary art museum. The inside has a permanent exposition and other temporary expositions that go changing every month

M: The construction outside is very very particular—-

H: Yes, very interesting, I love it

M: It is made from sheets of steel. And there is one thing, one thing very curious. Do you know what?

M: That none of the shaped panels, not a single one is the same size as another

M: And … well … it is one of the works that attracts the most tourism to Bilbao. Many visitors come, many tourists every year to visit this Museum

H: Yes, and it is impressive

M: Hayley, what do we have there?

H: “Puppy”!

M: Yes, and what is “Puppy”?

H: It is a dog, I don’t know a “puppy”, a dog of flowers

M: Yes, it is the pet of the Museum that in this season of the year is full of flowers and of colors

H: It’s perfect

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