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Free Ways to Practice Your Spanish – News in Spanish

We’ve written before about several free ways to practice your Spanish. One that we recommended was to read the news in Spanish. I often do even less and simply read my news headlines in Spanish from a news agregator.  Sometimes it can help if you already know most of the news from English, so you can help identify what the headline means.   It also helpful to see the associated image and read the description to help you guess what the article is about.

To show you how it works, we’re giving you some examples below from recent news stories in Spanish.  You can try it now with us, then bookmark your own version of which ever news you want to read.   If you’re addicted to reading the news throughout the day, it’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone, or as they say in Spanish, matar dos pájaros de un tiro.

Useful Vocabulary:

Some vocabulary words you will find useful for the headlines to follow.

desprenderse: to break off
horns (means someone has been unfaithful)
cotton swabs [Q-tips®]

gasolinazo: informal reference to recent rise in gas prices (Mexico)
to demand
de ahora en adelante:
from now on

Headline News in Spanish: Mexico Edition

Headline 1 – Ciencia (science)

Alerta en la Antártica, un iceberg gigantesco se desprende
El pedazo de hielo mide casi lo mismo que la isla Cozumel, de 477 kilómetros, una de las islas más grandes de México
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Alert in Antarctica: a giant iceberg breaks off
The piece of ice measures almost the same [size] as the island of Cozumel, some 477 kilometers, one of the biggest islands of México

Headline 2 – Espectáculos (entertainment)

Mujer le prestó a su amante el carro de su esposo y él los descubrió | VIDEO
El esposo de la mujer no pudo controlar su furia y su reacción se volvió viral en redes sociales. La mujer ha sido bautizada como #LadyCuernos debido a su acción.
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Woman lends her lover her husband’s car and he discovered them | VIDEO
The husband of the woman couldn’t control his fury and his reaction turned viral in social networks. The woman has been baptized as #LadyCuernos due to her actions. 

Headline 3 – Economía (economy)

Miles marchan hacia el Zócalo contra el ‘gasolinazo’
Dos de las movilizaciones que se realizaron hoy en repudio al gasolinazo se reunieron en el Zócalo capitalino, donde los manifestantes marcharon en círculos alrededor de la plaza y gritaron consignas para exigir que se eche atrás el alza en los combustibles.
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Thousands march towards Zócalo agains the ‘gasolinazo’
Two of the mobilizations that were carried out today in repudiation of the ‘gasoline crisis’ gathered in the capital of Zócalo, where demonstrators marched in circles around the plaza and shouted slogans to demand that they put behind [reverse] the rise in fuels.

Headline 4 – Salud (health)

Por qué deberías dejar de limpiarte los oídos con hisopos hoy mismo
¿Usas hisopos u otros objetos para limpiarte los oídos? Es momento de que los dejes de inmediato por que puedes estar haciéndote daño
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Why you should quit cleaning your ears with cotton swabs today
Do you use cotton swabs or other object to clean your ears? It’s time that you quit immediately because you could be causing yourself harm

Headline 5 – Deportes (sports)

free spanish practice-news-headline-sportsZidane cuenta siempre con Cristiano Ronaldo, pero dice que “debe descansar de vez en cuando”
Con esta frase el entrenador del Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, adelantó lo que pretende con el jugador de ahora en adelante
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free spanish practice-news-headline-sports

Zidane can always count on Cristiano Ronaldo, but says that ‘he must rest from time to time’
With this phrase the coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, put forward what he intends with the player from now on

Choose your own Spanish News

Now you can read your own Spanish news headlines on your own. Keep your translator nearby so you can check any words you don’t recognize.

Google news has multiple versions. You can find a link to all versions at the bottom of the news feed which lists ‘other editions’. Here are links to the ones in Spanish:

US Spanish Version
*Spain is not available due to a tax imposed in 2014 that required google and other news aggregators to pay for the use of headlines.

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