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 ¡Bienvenidos a Happy Hour Spanish!​

The online Spanish course based on a TRUE Spanish Immersion experience in Spain!​

Maider Hayley Happy Hour Spanish 4

We’re Maider and Hayley – a Spanish teacher and her American student – and we’d like to invite you on a fun video immersion learning journey through Spain with us. We’ll order tapas … talk to locals… and stroll through the streets of Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada. All while showing you the secret to finally learning Spanish.

¡Vamos con nosotros!

– Maider y Hayley
Happy Hour Spanish co-founders

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Survival Spanish Beginner Students

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Start with this 10 lesson Survival Spanish course.  Perfect for people who need a high-school Spanish refresher or anyone planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country!



The Online Spanish Immersion Video Course

Happy Hour Spanish Immersion Course Levels

A unique online Spanish immersion course that combines fundamental grammar lessons, travel videos podcasts and more. You’ll travel with us to Barcelona, Granada, Bilbao, and Madrid… and we’ll order tapas and beers together. You’ll get real Spanish at real speeds… without the risk of embarrassment or total confusion!

We won’t dumb it down for you like other programs, but we won’t let you get lost! Word-for-word subtitles and translations are the key to training yourself to hear and understand real Spanish!

  • learn-spanish-grammar-video-lessons


40+ fundamental video grammar lessons

  • Granada Alhambra Court of the Myrtles Reflecting Pool
  • The Generalife in Granada
  • madrid-retiro-park-lake
  • Barcelona View of Sagrada Familia from Guell Park
  • Barcelona View from Benches of Guell Park
  • Barcelona Sagrada Familia
  • Spider Statue outside Guggenheim in Bibao
  • Bilbao Guggenheim Museum Exterior


Filmed in Spain, 100% Spanish with subtitles & translation

  • learn-spanish-podcast


Podcasts with native
speakers and full transcripts

  • learn-spanish-travel-videos-spain


Subtitles, transcripts and translations mean you can follow along in real time


Hayley & Maider’s adult Spanish immersion language courses for total beginners, soon-to-be travelers and intermediate students who love Spanish!

  • PDF Cheat Sheets
  • Spanish Songs and Lyrics
  • 1-off lessons
  • 10-Episode Survival Spanish
  • 40 Grammar Immersion Videos
  • 40 Travel Immersion Videos
  • 40 Immersion Podcasts
  • 40 PDF Exercises
  • Free
    • ✔ pdfs
    • some songs
    • some 1-off lessons
    • 3 Survival Spanish
    • 1 Grammar
    • 1 Travel
    • 1 Podcast
    • 1 Exercise
  • Survival Spanish
    $10 yearly
    • ✔ pdfs
    • some songs
    • some 1-off lessons
    • ✔ 10 Survival Spanish
    • 1 Grammar
    • 1 Travel
    • 1 Podcast
    • 1 Exercise
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