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Be Conversationally Fluent in Spanish in 2 months! 

Hayley and Maider’s adult Spanish immersion language course for total beginners, soon-to-be travelers and intermediate students who love Spanish!


Welcome to Happy Hour Spanish. We're Maider and Hayley - a Spanish teacher and her American student - and we'd like to invite you on a fun video learning journey through Spain with us. We’ll order tapas ... talk to locals... and stroll through the streets of Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada. All while showing you the secret to learning Spanish fast.  

¡Vamos con nosotros!

– Maider y Hayley Happy Hour Spanish co-founders 

This Spanish immersion course takes you from complete beginner to conversationally fluent and beyond in as little as 2 months!  

Feel confident asking for directions because you’ll understand the full-speed response! 

Getting directions in Spanish

Make friends anywhere in the world, talking about food… travel… or futbol! 

Making Friends in Spanish

Even go on an (awkward) first date with a Spanish-speaking cutie!  

Going on a date in Spanish

This is unlike any Spanish language course you’ve taken before. Because you can’t learn real Spanish just by reading and doing worksheets… 

And you can’t learn it by endlessly “leveling up” with free apps like Duolingo or Memrise.  

Speaking Spanish to a real, breathing human being is a completely different story, and you need to be prepared. 

But before we get to that, let's start with a story about ...

How I completely embarrassed myself in front of friends by trying to speak Spanish with a native speaker

Hayley here. You see, I wasn’t ever good at languages. I did take 3 years of high school Spanish and used to tell people I spoke Spanish… because I thought I did. Then one night in college, I was out at the bars with a couple classmates, and one of the guys told me he was from Mexico.  

My eyes lit up. “I speak Spanish!” I told him. Big mistake.  

He opened his mouth and torrent of Spanish words flew at me… NONE of which I understood. “Uhh….. huh….” I replied. I guess I DIDN'T speak Spanish. For all I knew, he could have been speaking Hungarian!  

Everything was just too fast.  

¿Que vergüenza, no? (How embarrassing, right?) I felt humiliated. 

All my years of High School Spanish were useless when it came to actually speaking the language

It turned out that 3 years in high school got me nowhere. From that day forward I decided I was going to learn Spanish - for REAL this time.

I bought some Spanish books, rented Spanish movies and downloaded applications. But it wasn't working. I wasn't making progress. So, I packed up my bags and flew to Spain.  

And it was fun and exciting, but EVEN THEN I wasn't making a lot of progress. I was 6,000 miles away from home, and my Spanish still sucked. Making friends in Spanish was impossible… and just ordering in restaurants wasn't making me any better.  

But then I met Maider ... Maider was a Spanish teacher. She had over 10 years of experience teaching foreign students how to speak Spanish…  

Maider finally taught me real Spanish Immersion

With Maider's help, it all started coming together and I started making real progress, with real immersion.

This meant staying in Spanish the entire time, learning Spanish grammar in Spanish, and making connections in Spanish

Immersion is more than just having Spanish around you at all times. That alone doesn't mean you're going to learn it. It's making connections in the language, using it with purpose, and working your brain in Spanish

And the focus was on using real Spanish at natural speeds … because that’s what you're going to need if you are ever actually going to speak with anyone in Spanish!  

Since then, Maider and I have not only learned 4 foreign languages between us, but Maider has taught Spanish to more than 3000 students from around the world.  

It's this experience that led us to create Happy Hour Spanish Immersion for students everywhere, allowing you to share the immersion experience with us from the comfort of your own couch!

Happy Hour Spanish Immersion Course The video immersion Spanish course that gets you conversationally fluent and beyond in 2 months

Happy Hour Spanish Immersion Course

Just LOOK at everything you get inside Happy Hour Spanish's Immersion Course:

Spanish Immersion Travel

40 full Spanish-learning travel videos through Madrid, Granada, Barcelona and Bilbao. Never get lost and follow along with Spanish subtitles as we visit:  


- The birthplace of Don Quixote - La Sagrada Familia, Parque Güell and Las Ramblas in Barcelona - And more! Just check out how much fun these videos are. By the end of the course, you'll understand every word in this video:  


And that’s not all. You’ll also get:  


Spanish grammar lesson

40 videos showing you the grammar and vocabulary that are the backbone of Spanish. We’ll teach you how to speak in present, past and future tenses... and we even dedicate 10 full lessons to learning past tense  

Spanish Podcast

40 podcasts with native speakers giving you bite-sized conversations using day-to-day Spanish, with word-for-word transcripts so you can train your ear to follow at a natural speed  

Spanish Immersion Homework

40 “tarea” sheets that will help you master all the new grammar and vocabulary so you start thinking, speaking, and even dreaming in Spanish  

Become a Happy Hour Spanish Student!  

Happy Hour Spanish Immersion Video Course

 Get access to the entire Spanish Immersion Video Course for  

$96 for the whole year 

That's just $8 / month!  

This is how you’ll have access to Immersion Learning without traveling to Spain… without risking looking like an idiot in public… and without emptying out your wallet.  

Simply put, this is the fastest, most fun way for you to learn Spanish. It’s a beautiful language, and this course is designed to help you enjoy it as quickly as possible.  

So if you’re a soon-to-be traveler… If you’re learning Spanish to speak to family members… Or just want to improve your Spanish because you like it ...  

come with us on our Spanish language learning adventure! 

Here's Why Our Students Love Happy Hour Spanish Immersion

"lt really works! After a few listens through of each video I can really start to hear the words and get the meaning. The transcriptions are great as it helps me check up new words and see the tenses.”  

- Angela L. Los Angeles, CA

" I loved learning with Happy Hour Spanish, it is such a good format, and I really enjoyed the themes of travel and Spanish culture.”  

- Donovan N. San Antonio, TX

"I have been learning intensively by myself for about 18 months now. What I realize is that my poorest skill is my ability to listen to real spoken Spanish, so these lessons are fabulous practice.”

- Geoff B. Birmingham, UK

You’ll be able to use your Spanish on the streets of Mexico, Spain, or any other Latin American country 

Spanish Language Countries

Maider is a native of Bilbao Spain, and our travel videos will take you to the coolest spots in Spain. The good news is the Spanish you learn with us you can use anywhere. Just like in English, Spanish speakers from different countries understand each other, despite differences in some expressions and vocabulary. You don't have to learn Spanish from one particular region. We give you the fundamentals for Spanish that you can use in any Spanish-speaking country!  

Prepare for Maider and Hayley to take you on a video learning journey through the streets of Spain

You’ll travel with us to Barcelona, Granada, Bilbao, and Madrid… and we’ll order tapas and beers together.  

You’ll get real Spanish at real speeds… without the risk of embarrassment! And you’ll get something most students who learn by immersion don’t…  

Subtitles & Translations  

We won't dumb it down for you like other programs, but we won't let you get lost! Word-for-word subtitles and translations are the key to training yourself to hear and understand real Spanish! 

With Happy Hour Spanish Immersion, you’ll get 40 immersive travel videos… with full transcripts and subtitles so you can listen along in real time from the comfort of your own couch.  

The 40 animated, concise grammar videos will make your Spanish fundamentals skyrocket at an unprecedented pace. 

And now we've added 40 podcasts in 100% Spanish with native speakers talking on a variety of topics you can listen to on the go, whenever and where ever you are. 

With all this material, you can reach conversational fluency in just a few months. But we're giving you access for the entire year, so you can get through all the material, go back and review and push beyond!  

⭐️ Sign Up Now and Get 2 Great Bonuses! ⭐️

BONUS #1: 500 Real Spanish Phrases  

How would you say, “How’s everything been?”, “What’s up, dude?” or “No worries” in Spanish? With this free bonus, you can let your personality out and sound like an actual human being. In this 26 page phrasebook, you’ll learn:  

  •  How to order anything you want at a restaurant with 9 key phrases (p 6)  
  • The 10 drinking phrases to say “Let’s get another round”, “Put it on my tab” and “Can I buy you a drink?” (P 19)  
  •  Swear like a Spaniard with these 11 phrases (p 20)  
  • How to talk about relationships, dating, love and the all important sexo en español (p 18)  

500 Common Spanish Phrases

BONUS #2: Survival Spanish  

With Survival Spanish you’ll naturally learn everything you need to get around a Spanish speaking country fast! This 10-lesson course includes:  

 - 10 immersion videos where you’ll train your ear to understand Spanish at a natural speed while you learn key vocabulary and grammar

- 10 podcasts of natural conversations you can listen to on repeat and follow along with the English transcript

- 10 mini quizzes to solidify everything you’ve learned  

In the time it takes to watch a 2 hour in-flight movie you’ll learn:  

  • The dead simple two-word phrase to order anything at a bar or a restaurant (Lesson 1)  
  • The polite way to ask, “Where is an ATM?”, “How many beds are in the room?”, “Where’s the bathroom?” (Lesson 7)  
  • The 3 phrases to get you unstuck, unlost and back to your hotel room safe and sound (Lesson 10)  
  • How to count from 1 to 100 in Spanish so you can negotiate the best deal on that souvenir at the local market and the cab ride home. (Lesson 5)  

Survival Spanish

No-Strings Attached Money Back Guarantee: Try Happy Hour Spanish for 30 days completely risk-free!  

Give the entire course a try. If for whatever reason Happy Hour Spanish Immersion isn’t for you… just send us an email and we’ll return every cent. No questions asked. That means there’s absolutely NO risk on your part! You can give it a try, see if you like it, and then decide whether you want to keep going with it or not. And if you don’t… you’ll get a full 100% money back refund.  

Happy Hour Spanish makes learning Spanish fun & interesting  

Just 60 days from now, instead of flapping your hands and pointing at menus, you could be:  

✔ Ordering tacos or a plate of tapas, all in fluent Spanish!  

✔ Chatting with native speakers about their hobbies or their favorite show on Netflix.  

✔ Dropping into any Spanish speaking country and make friends on day 1  

✔ Impressing your friends, loved ones, or in-laws when you open your mouth and beautiful, Spanish flows out.  

Imagine hearing them gasp and ask “When did you learn Spanish?!”  

What are you waiting for? ...

Join Us Now for  Happy Hour Spanish Immersion

Happy Hour Spanish Immersion Course
Happy Hour Spanish Immersion Bonuses

Get the Happy Hour Spanish Immersion course + Your FREE bonuses:  

✔ 500 Spanish Phrases ✔ Survival Spanish  

Only $96 for a full year! That's just $8 a month

Your new life speaking Spanish starts now!  

Un saludo, 

Hayley y Maider