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Making Spanish Tortilla with Carlos

Our friend Carlos (from Barcelona) is showing us how to make a classic Spanish dish: Spanish Tortilla (tortilla de patatas).

Join Happy Hour Spanish in the kitchen with Carlos in this videocast.  Improve your Spanish and your cooking!

This is a clip from our video immersion course.
Subscribers can watch the full episode here: Travel Video 7 – Madrid: Cena española
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Learning Technique:

1. Watch the videocast while following along with the Spanish subtitles.

2. Check the English translation to ensure you understand the content of the videodcast.  Use the Spanish and English side-by-side comparison to learn specific vocabulary you are not familiar with.

3. Do the exercise for your appropriate level.

4. Listen again to the videocast.  See if your word recognition and understanding improved from the first listen.

Spanish & English

H: Esta tortilla es tan, tan, tan española…

C: Te explico cómo se va haciendo.

Pues mira…
has de cortar la patata ¿Vale?

H: Si

C: Así, én trozos irregulares

H: Si, patata y cebolla

C: Primero pones aceite de girasol ¿Ves? Aceite de girasol, éste … ¿vale?

H: Ah si, vale

C: Y luego … bueno, le pones aceite de girasol y le pones también un poquito de aceite de oliva

H: Vale

C: Entonces, lo vas dejando así que se vayan reblandeciendo pero con fuego lento porque si no se queman que no se frían mucho ¿sabes? Que se vayan haciendo…

C: Primero la patata y luego pones la cebolla porque la cebolla se hace más rápida

H: Vale

C: Luego se baten los huevos aquí a parte ¿Vale?

H: Vale

C: Lo bates y luego eso lo iremos quitando de allí, del aceite y lo pondremos aquí, lo mezclaremos todo junto…

H: Vale

H: ¡Muy bien!

H: This tortilla is so, so, so Spanish

C: I [will] explain to you how it’s going to be done.
Well look…
You have to cut the potato. Ok?

H: Yes

C: So, in irregular pieces

H: Yes, potato and onion

C: First you put sunflower oil. You see? Sunflower oil, this… Ok?

H: Ah, yes, ok

C: And then … well, you put the sunflower oil and you also put a little bid of olive oil

H: Ok

C: Then, you leave it like so, that it goes softening but with slow fire because if you don’t burn that you don’t fry a lot.  You know?  That we go making…

C: First the potato and then you put the onion because the onion makes faster

H: Ok

C: Then we beat the eggs here apart.

H: Ok

C: You beat them and then that we are going removing from there, from the oil and put it here, we mix it all together

H: Ok

H: Very good!

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