If you’re a native English speaker you’ve probably heard a few popular rhyming catch-phrases like, ‘see you later, alligator‘ or ‘after a while crocodile‘.  As you know, we’re not referencing reptiles, just using them because they rhyme with ‘later’ and ‘while’.

Not surprisingly, Spanish has a few of its own popular rhyming catch-phrases.  The following in particular are popular in Spain:

Me piro, vampiro
Igual que: Me voy

I’m gonna split, vampire = I’m leaving

Hasta luego, noruego
Igual que: Hasta luego

See you later, Norwegian = See you later

Hasta la vista, turista
Igual que: Hasta la vista /hasta luego

So long, tourist = So long / see you later

Chao, pescao
Igual que: Chao, adiós

Bye, fish = Bye

*note in this case ‘pescao’ is short for ‘pescado’

Y con esto y un bizcocho, hasta mañana a las ocho
Igual que: Esto es todo, hasta mañana

And with this and a piece of pound cake, see you tomorrow at eight = That’s all, see you tomorrow.

Más a gusto que un arbusto
Igual que: Muy a gusto, muy cómodamente

More comfortable than a bush = Very comfortable

Okey makey
Igual que: Vale

Okey dokey = Alright / OK

And all of the following mean ‘to be something cool’  (algo muy guay) in Spanish:

Es la caña de España

It is the beer from Spain

Es la pera limonera

It is the lemon pear

Guay del Paraguay

Cool from Paraguay

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