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Discover Retiro Park Madrid

The most popular park in Madrid, it’s a great place to take a rest from the city life. This 350 acre park is home to beautiful gardens and trees, ponds, fountains, and even a small lake. In this videocast you can practice your Spanish with us as we enjoy an afternoon of boating and sightseeing in Madrid’s Retiro Park.

Learning Technique: Use the subtitles and English translations provided to improve your Spanish.

1. Watch the videocast once using only the subtitles.

2. Then, check the English translation for any words you didn’t understand.

3. Watch the videocast again to solidify your learning.

4. Repeat as necessary

Spanish & English

De camino a allí, pasamos junto al Museo Nacional del Prado.  Junto con el Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza y el Museo Reina Sofía, el Museo Nacional del Prado forma el Triángulo de Arte, una meta para amantes del arte de todo el mundo.  La estatua de Velázquez preside la fachada principal, y tanto el exterior del museo como los alrededores, nos parecen fantásticos.


M: Un pequeño descanso para un helado refrescante

H: Si porque hace calor

M: Los helados de agua se llaman polos


H: ¿Polos? ¿si?

M: Así que una “pausa polo” y después …

Alguilamos una barca y ¡a usar los remos! Aunque navegar no es tan fácil … el paseo en barca es realmente divertido


Los jardines, el lago, el palacio, el estanque … todos rincones maravillosos

On the way there, we pass together to the National Prado Museum.  Together with the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Reina Sofía Museum, the National Prado Museum forms the Art Triangle, a target for art lovers from all of the world.  The statue of Velázques presides (over) the principal facade, and both the exterior of the museum like the surrounding (area), they seem to us fantastic.

M: A small break for a refreshing ice cream


H: Yes because it’s hot

M: The ice cream of water are called popsicles

H: Popsicles? Yeah?

M: So a “popsicle break” and after …

We rent a boat and to use the oars! Although to navigate is not so easy … the boat ride is really fun.


The gardens, the lake, the palace, the pond … all marvelous corners

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