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Spain made it to the  2012 Euro Cup finals against Italy – a repeat of the last Euro Cup final four years ago where Spain won.  In this videocast, see if Italy gets their revenge or if Spain takes home the title for the second time in a row!

Don’t forget to practice your Spanish using the side-by-side transcript and translation provided to understand what is being said…


H: Dos-cero ¡España, vamos!

M: Estamos aquí, fuera de un bar… y estamos en la mitad del partido de la final de la Copa Europea, donde juegan España e Italia … Y por el momento vamos dos (2)- cero (0) a favor para España, con lo cual pensamos que vamos a ganar. No sabemos, no estamos seguras pero tenemos esperanza porque dos-cero y … es difícil que la segunda parte dé un giro muy malo… Pero vamos a volver después para ver cuál es el resultado final y quizá vamos a ser otra vez, por segunda vez consecutiva … España, campeona de Europa…

Y así después de un emocionante partido, el de la final de la Copa de Europa, España vence a Italia cuatro a cero (4-0) y como campeones, campeones de Europa … levantamos la copa. ¡Felicidades España!



H: Two-zero. Let’s go Spain!

M: We are here, outside of a bar … and we are at the half of the game of the European Cup Final, where Spain plays Italy … And for the moment we are going two (2) – zero (0) in favor of Spain, with that which we are thinking that we are going to win.  We don’t know, we are not sure but we have hope because two-zero and … it is difficult that the second part gives a very bad turn … But we are going to return after to see which is the final result and maybe we are going to be again, for the second consecutive time … Spain, champion of Europe …

And so after an exciting game, that of the final of the Europe Cup, Spain beats Italy four to zero (4-0) and as champions, champions of Europe … we raise the Cup.  Congratulations Spain!




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