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How to Pour Spanish Cider


Ahh, fermented apple cider from Bilbao … it’s excellent. It’s not like anything we find in the states and this cider is unique to the green and rain soaked region of Northern Spain.

If you travel through northern Spain you are bound to find Spanish cider on offer, and it’s important you know exactly how it must be poured! Hint: That’s half the fun!

Watch the video to learn about pouring Spanish cider and practice your Spanish at the same time!


How to Pour Spanish Cider Spanish-to-English Transcript & Translation


Spanish & English

Tenemos sidra, que es un producto muy típico de País Vasco y también de Asturias.La sidra viene de la manzana, es manzana fermentada y hay que ponerla en el vaso de una forma muy especial que voy a enseñaros …

Normalmente la sidra tiene que golpear el borde del vaso para oxigenarse, entonces tenemos que ponerla a una cierta distancia e intentar que golpee el extremo del vaso lo más lejos posible y normalmente es suficiente con un poco y después volvemos a servir.

Si venís a España, probad la sidra, es un producto estupendo ¡Salud!

We have cider, which is a product very typical of Basque country and also of Asturias.  The cider comes from the apple, it is fermented apple and must be put it in the glass in a way very special that I am going to show you all …

Normally the cider has to hit the edge of the glass to oxegenate it, so we have to put it a certain distance and try to hit the end of the glass the furthest away possible and normally it is sufficient with a little and after we return to serve it.

If you all come to Spain, try the cider, it is a great product.  Cheers!

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