Below is the beginner Spanish test for level A1 Spanish students.
For more information about the european alpha-numeric Spanish levels, see our post here.

This test includes material from our Happy Hour Spanish course Grammar Lessons 1-10

If you pass the test with 80% or above, you are officially at the beginner A1+ level or above 😉

Good luck!

Beginner Spanish Test (A1)

There is no time limit for the exam

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  • Martin Dempo

    Thanks for the test. It gives us feedback on our competence.

  • Alamezie Christopher

    This is very good

  • Eve


  • Brandon Panashe

    Thank you so very much. I am so happy I passed the test and now at least I know where I stand in terms of my Spanish. The test was very well laid out and it covered a lot of stuff so I am very happy to know that I can move forward.

    • Daryl

      I got 8 out of 22 after 3 days of learning Spanish and I do not know if that is good lol although 3 days ago I would have got 0 or maybe 1 if I was lucky.

      • Happy Hour Spanish

        ¡Genial! (great!) Each question is a specific grammar concept, so when you miss one, that shows you specifically what you need to study. And if it’s only been 3 days there are probably a lot of things you simply just haven’t learned yet. Keep going!

  • ItzCocoaBearyo///o

    I only got 9 out of 22 right… T^T :'( but practice makes PERFECT! ;D

  • Jjj

    63 percent 🙁 but ill do better

    • Happy Hour Spanish

      ¡Sí! La práctica es la madre de la perfección 🙂

  • Felix

    Gracias! Very useful website for learning Spanish

  • Rebecca Sarrazin

    I got 72%! Yay

    • Diana Andoli

      72% I think it’s quite good..

  • Zumbaman

    Gracias, aprendi mucho

  • koray

    I got 86% it’s still bad for me. I will be c1 level in spanish i hope i can do this

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