Grammar Summary

We use the Spanish present tense, mainly to describe actions in the present or habitual actions:

Ella canta una canción ahora = She sings a song now
Ella canta una canción normalmente = She normally sings a song

There exists three groups of verbs: Those ending in AR, in ER, and IR.  To form the present in Spanish you must take off the ending of the verb (ar, er, or ir) and add the ending relative to the person.

For example: CantAR >

Yo Canto = I sing
Tú Cantas = You sing
Él Canta = He sings
Nosotros Cantamos = We sing 
Vosotros Cantáis = You all sing
Ellos Cantan = They sing

Yo canto una canción / Ella canta una canción

Additional Material: Lesson 1

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