The Spanish Immersion Course 

A unique experience combining video, culture, fundamental grammar and intense listening practice so you can really learn Spanish!

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A Unique Spanish Learning Experience!

Not just another language app that doesn't work. Designed by an actual teacher and student, we're making sure you actually learn Spanish the immersion way. The course includes more than 40 fundamental grammar lessons, a 10-lesson basic Survival Spanish series, Spanish music, 1-off lessons, our most popular PDF downloads. Travel the cities of Spain while learning Spanish fundamentals & training your ear to real Spanish.

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  • Survival Spanish
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Conditionals
  • and more ...

Spanish Cities

  • Madrid
  • Granada
  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao

Spanish Music

  • Despacito
  • Camisa Negra
  • Bailando
  • and more ...

“I loved learning with Happy Hour Spanish! It is such a good format and I really enjoyed the themes of travel and Spanish culture.”

— Donovan N.
San Antonio, TX


Spanish immersion works especially well when you can include our key features: learning in context, word-for-word subtitles, Spanish transcripts and English translations


Travel with us across the Spanish countryside, from Madrid to Granada, Barcelona and Bilbao. We'll take you through the hot spots in each town and we'll do it all in Spanish!

40 Key Grammar Lessons

There's a small number of essential grammar lessons to learn for conversational fluency. We've distilled them into single-concept, animated video lessons, so you'll have all you need to master the essentials.

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Now get 3 months FREE! Just $72 / yr ($6/mth)

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Why Happy Hour Spanish?

Designed by both a teacher and a student, Happy Hour Spanish is a unique online Spanish language program which includes animated grammar videos, travel videos, real listening practice, Spanish music, live chats and more!

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