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When learning a language, there is one thing you won’t likely find in the books, nor in the classroom. That is the language of the streets, or ‘el slang’.

However, when you start to have conversations with native speakers, you will most likely come across slang words.

These are not necessarily curse words, or vulgar words, or only used by the younger generation.  They are simply words used in a more informal context and you may want to be aware of them if you plan on speaking Spanish with friends.

There is also a lot of variation in slang words between Spanish-speaking countries. Stay tuned for more slang from other Spanish-speaking countries by joining our subscribers list here.

But for now, let’s take you to Spain for these 10 common words:

Spanish Slang from Spain


Spanish synonym:TRABAJAR
Esta tarde no puedo ir al cine, tengo que currar hasta las 20:00
This afternoon I can’t go to the movies, I have to work until 8 p.m.

Curro =  Work (noun)
Spanish synonym: trabajo
Marcos ha cambiado de curro, ahora está en una oficina y le encanta
Marcos changed his job, now he is in an office and he likes it


MOLAR = TO LIKE (verb)
Spanish synonym: GUSTAR

Me molan mucho tus zapatillas ¿Dónde las has comprado?
I really like your shoes. Where did you buy them?


TIO / PAVO = GUY/MAN (noun)
Spanish synonym: CHICO

¿Qué te pasa, tio? ¿Estás enfadado?
What’s going on, man? Are you mad?

Ayer en el teatro, había un pavo a mi lado que no paraba de hablar
Yesterday in the theatre, there was a guy next to me that wouldn’t stop talking


PASTA = MONEY (noun)
Spanish synonym: DINERO
El sábado no iré a la cena, no tengo mucha pasta y necesito ahorrar
Saturday I will not go to the dinner, I don’t have much money and I need to save


PALMAR = TO DIE (verb)
Spanish synonym: MORIR
He escuchado que si comes setas venenosas, puedes incluso palmar
I heard that if you eat poisonous mushrooms, you can even die


Spanish synonym: ALUCINAR
Ayer flipé con los comentarios de tu amigo. Fueron totalmente inapropiados
Yesterday I flipped out about the comments about your friend.  They were totally inappropriate


PETADO = FULL (adjective)
Spanish synonym: LLENO
Este bar está petado, mejor vamos a otro
This bar is full, better we go to another


COÑA = JOKE (noun)
Spanish synonym: BROMA
No te enfades por lo que dijo Juan, era una coña
Don’t get mad at what Juan said, it was a joke


CHAPA = A BORE (noun)
Spanish synonym: ABURRIDA
La reunión del departamento de ventas es siempre una chapa
The department sales meeting is always a bore


Spanish synonym: MOLESTAR

Mi madre me ralla muchísimo, me dice continuamente lo que tengo que hacer
My mom bugs me / bothers me a lot, she continually tells me what I have to do

¡Ahora tú! (Now you!) Try using your new slang in a sentence in the comments and we’ll correct it for you or let you know you’re on the right track.

If your looking for more spanish practice, check out these 10 Spanish idioms or these 10 Spanish false friends to watch out for!

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  • ste

    Tengo que currar todo el fin de semana, es una coña!! Pero necesito pasta. A mi me gustan mis companeros pero no me molan los jefes a causa de me rallan….yo flipo cuando me dicen lo que hacer todo el dia!!

    • Happy Hour Spanish

      Muy bien! 🙂 Here’s a a few changes to sound like a native speaker: Tengo que currar todo el fin de semana … no es coña. Es que necesito pasta. Me molan mis compañeros, pero el jefe me ralla mucho.Yo flipo, me dice todo el día lo que tengo que hacer

  • ste

    Gracias Profe

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