Spanish for Travel

A Beginner’s Guide for your trip to Spain

(or other Spanish speaking countries)

So you’re traveling to Spain but you don’t speak Spanish (or you only remember a little from your high school days). Chances are, if you speak English you may be able to get by.  But why not pick up a little bit of the language before you go.  Even if it’s just a word or two, it will ingratiate you with the people in your host country and may even help you out of some sticky situations 🙂

Here’s our list of the most useful phrases if you’re going to travel to Spain.  If you want a bit more practice sign up for our free Survival Spanish series which you’ll find these words and more spoken by a native speaker in video format:

Spanish numbers 10


uno(1) dos(2) tres(3)
cuatro(4) cinco(5) seis(6)
siete(7) ocho(8) nueve(9)

once(11) doce(12) trece(13) catorce(14) quince(15) dieciséis(16) diecisiete(17) dieciocho(18) diecinueve(19) vente (20)

vente(20) veintiuno(21) veintidós(22) veintitres(23) veinticuatro(24) veinticinco(25) veintiseis(26) veintisiete(27) veintiocho(28) veintinueve(29)

vente(20) trenta(30) cuarenta(40) cincuenta(50) sesenta(60) setenta(70) ochenta(80) noventa(90) cien(100)

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