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If your starting with the basics, don’t leave out learning your Spanish colors.  Enjoy a clip from our Survival Spanish Course where you’ll learn all the basic Spanish vocabulary and grammar necessary to survive a trip to any Spanish-speaking country.

In this episode we introduce you to the basic Spanish colors.  Following the lesson is an immersion video of our trip to the famous Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain, where you can find every kind of colorful fresh food you’re looking for, including Hayley’s favorite, candies!

The Basic Spanish Colors

Basic Colors in Spanish


Using Spanish colors with masculine /feminine / singular / plural nouns

1. Use the opposite word order from English (a ‘red shoe’ in English would be a ‘shoe red’ in Spanish)
2. Depends whether the object you’re describing is masculine or feminine
3. Depends whether the object you’re describing is singular or plural

Shoe in Spanish is masculine (el zapato)
Strawberry in Spanish is feminine (la fresa)

A red shoe = un zapato rojo
Two red shoes = unos zapatos rojos

A red strawberry = una fresa roja
Two red strawberries = unas fresas rojas

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