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It’s time to learn Spanish while taking out the trash!  We know it may not sound interesting, but not every country does it the same way. In our latest videocast, see how they do it in Bilbao – you may be surprised … And sometimes it’s these small cultural and practical differences that can make traveling all the more entertaining!

Follow along with the transcripts and translations of this videocast (vodcast) to improve your Spanish.  Then do the vocabulary exercises for more practice.

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H: Vamos a hablar sobre la “basura”

M: Porque parece que en España, cómo recogemos la basura, es diferente a cómo lo hacen en otros lugares.

En España, la gente tira la basura en los llamados “contenedores” y es cada vez más común el hábito de reciclar. Prácticamente en cada calle, se puede encontrar un grupo de contenedores de diferentes colores. Estos  colores, indican qué tipo de basura  debe tirarse dentro.

Existe un contendor especial para el VIDRIO, un contenedor verde para la basura orgánica, uno amarillo para envases y plástico  y uno azul para papel y cartón.

A cualquier hora del día, la gente tira  en ellos su basura y un camión  se ocupa de pasar  para descargar los contenedores, normalmente, por las noches.

Es curioso que algo tan cotidiano  en España, resulte tan  sorprendente para algunos no españoles.

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H: We’re going to talk about the “trash”

M: Because it seems that in Spain, how we collect the trash, is different (to) how they do it in other places.

In Spain, the people throw out the trash in so-called “containers” and is each time (increasingly) common the habit of recycling.  Practically in each street, you can find a group of containers of different colors.  These colors, indicate what type of trash (one) should throw inside.

(There) exist a special container for the GLASS, a green container for the organic trash, one yellow for packaging and plastic and one blue for paper and cardboard.

At whatever hour of the day, the people throw in them their trash and a dump truck handles passing for downloading the containers, normally, at night.

(It) is curious that something so routine in Spain, results in such surprise for those who are not Spanish.

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