Our online Spanish course is currently composed of 5 different levels, including survival Spanish for beginners or travelers. Each level has 10 lessons. Higher levels include grammar videos, immersion travel videos, podcasts, and exercises.

The European Spanish Levels  outline 6 alpha-numeric levels – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 – with level C2 being native fluency. We’ve incorporated these numberings in our program.

Follow the links below to go to a particular level or lesson.

Survival Spanish

For true beginners, survival Spanish includes 10 videos to start you off with Spanish basics like colors, numbers, questions, and basic verb conjugation

A1 Beginner

This is the first series of 10 videos to really start learning Spanish. You will learn present tense verb conjugation for regular and irregular words as well as important grammar concepts.  The immersion portion are videos from Madrid

A1+ Beginner

The final 10 videos of the A1 series go a little deeper.  Now that you have the hang of it we’ll add a few new tenses and grammar concepts.  Meanwhile, travel with us through Granada, the birthplace of flamenco, in southern Spain.

A2 Intermediate

Moving right along, now it’s time to dive into the past tense with the next 10 lessons.  Do it all while exploring the very international city of Barcelona, Spain.

A2+ Intermediate

Now we’ll move on to the future and conditional tenses as we travel Spain’s northern border in the Basque region of Bilbao, Maider’s home city 😉

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