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Our online Spanish course teaches you only essential Spanish grammar while giving you the all important immersion-style experience of being in Spain and living the language and the culture.

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1. Grammar Videos

Learning Grammar doesn’t have to be painful. There are a limited number of lessons you need to learn and after that its mostly practice. Each of our grammar videos last between 5-10 minutes. They illustrate a single, fundamental lesson, clearly explained and animated. Plus they’re all in Spanish to keep you thinking and learning in Spanish, not English

2. Travel Videos

Travel with us throughout Spain as we visit Madrid, Grenada, Barcelona, and Maider’s hometown of Bilbao. Each video is 5 minutes, incorporates the previous grammar lesson for practice, and is in 100% Spanish with word-for-word Spanish subtitles. We provide a full transcript and English translation of the entire video. It’s a perfect way to learn – practicing your listening and improving your comprehension

3. Podcasts

Each of our podcasts also incorporate a specific grammar lesson and are made using native Spanish speakers, covering a variety of different topics. We provide transcripts of each podcast so you can check your listening and comprehension


4. Emails

All of our students receive a Spanish newsletter every month in their inbox with lessons, as well as links to course material to keep you motivated.

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