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Question Nouns Ending in Z

Spanish nouns ending in z have a few special things about them:

When do Spanish nouns end in Z?

1.  When representing a feminine noun: In some cases, when a noun can be either masculine or feminine, you will find a z at the end only in the feminine version.  For example:

El actor  –>    La actriz

El emperador –> La emperatriz


2.  Specific nouns that can’t change genders, but end in z.  For example:

El pez   El lápiz   El juez

La nariz   La avestruz  La cruz

What’s so special about nouns ending in z?

The main thing is that Spanish nouns that end in z in the singular, change the z to c +es in the plural.  A common mistake for students is to simply add an ‘es’ to the singular form of the noun.

Spanish nouns ending in z mistake


For example:

La actriz –> Las actrices

La emperatriz –> Las emperatrices

La nariz –> Las narices

La avestruz –> Las avestruces

La cruz –> Las cruces

El pez –> Los peces

El lápiz –> Los lápices

El juez –> Los jueces

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